Terms of Adoption

In consideration of adoption through Greyhound Rescue & Adoption, Utah Chapter (GRA), the potential adopter agrees to keep the adopted greyhound solely and exclusively as a pet and not use, or allow it to be used, for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, scientific research and commercial racing.

The adopter’s intention is to keep the greyhound until its natural death. (For purposes of this agreement, euthanasia of a sick or injured dog, recommended by a veterinarian, is to be considered a natural death.) If some unforeseen circumstance necessitates relinquishing ownership of the greyhound, the adopter agrees to contact a GRA representative for assistance in finding it another home. The adopter also agrees that the greyhound will not be abandoned, nor turned over to another person, pound, Humane Society, or any institution of any kind without the approval of a GRA representative.  If no other option proves feasible, GRA agrees to retrieve the greyhound and find it a new home.

The adopter agrees to place and ID tag with their name and contact information on the greyhound within two weeks of adoption. If the adopter should move with the greyhound to a new location, or if the greyhound is ever lost or stolen, a GRA representative is to be notified within a 24 hours.

The Adopter agrees to be responsible for the humane care of the Greyhound and understands that GRA may, at any time, cause the greyhound to be examined by a veterinarian, at GRA expense, if neglect or abuse is suspected. If a veterinarian confirms the likelihood of neglect or abuse, GRA my remove the greyhound from the adopters control. Minimum care includes, but is not limited to, necessary food, drink, shelter, and veterinary care.

GRA is not responsible for any defects which the greyhound may have or develop and for any injury or damage to person or property which may be caused by this greyhound. GRA makes no representation or guarantees whatsoever relating to the health, condition, or behavior of the greyhound.